Nov 14, 2017お知らせ Notice about distribution of imitated Kaneka solar module products

Nov 14, 2017
Solar Energy Division

We thank you for your purchase and use of Kaneka solar module products.
We would like to inform you that we have found distribution of imitated products through unauthorized distributors, sales agent or internet in Asia region which are not manufactured by us.

In Pakistan, somebody prepared the product labels for solar module, showing Kaneka name and Kaneka’s company logo. They attached such product labels onto the solar module that are not manufactured by us. The product name we found is B-6G250, however, we never manufactured such product.

In China, some internet site introduced Kaneka Solar module, however, the actual product we found was not our product.

Please kindly understand that we are not responsible for any troubles or accidents caused by the imitated products in any market. We would like to ask our customers to contact with us, our qualified distributors or sales agents to purchase our genuine products. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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